Kyle Loven is a Vancouver-based performance and visual artist. His work combines both constructed and found objects, unconventional storytelling, and various art forms with the human presence. His live performances have been seen in Amsterdam, Taipei, New York, Vancouver, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, and other US cities. His work has premiered at venues such as the Guthrie Theater and On the Boards. Kyle is the recipient of grants from the Jim Henson Foundation and numerous US-based arts organizations. Awards include the Innovation in Puppetry Award at the 2013 National Puppetry Festival. He is the creator and host of the lively game night, Me Love BINGO!.


"[Kyle] is an artist who works in live performance in a meta way, moving objects and figures and his own body through space with the sensitivity of a choreographer, thinking about narrative like an experimental theater director, and creates objects and sets like a visual artist." –Lane Czaplinski, On the Boards Artistic Director